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Deliveryman shot by Prince George official dies Michael Winkelman, an attorney representing the families of both men, said Clark died without ever telling his side of the story, since he and White have been physically unable to speak since the incident. would ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for Robert White, who remains in critical condition, Winkelman said. County State Attorney Glenn F. Ivey said during a press conference that police must be allowed to finish their investigation before a decision is made about whether charges of any kind should be filed. The investigation has proceeded on two tracks: one into whether Washington was justified in his use of force, the other into whether Clark and White assaulted Washington in his home and whether assault charges should be filed. Police announced last week that those charges were pending, but have since backed off those statements. The department made no mention of assault charges in the statement released today. still trying to gather all the information, Ivey said. certainly end up before the grand jury at some point. We not there yet. gave no timeline for the police investigation, but said he still wants to see medical records for Washington and the deliverymen, as well as the results of Clark autopsy. All that is known publicly at this point is that the deliverymen arrived at Washington's home the evening of Jan. 24 to exchange a bedroom set. Somehow, an argument broke out that ended with Washington firing shots at the two men, sending them to the hospital in critical condition. Police said Washington, who is a police officer and the county's deputy homeland security director, feared for his life and that White and Clark attacked him before he drew his county issued 9mm Beretta and fired. Officials would not comment on the effect Clark death would have on the investigation. have the best investigators, and they extremely competent, and I sure they exploring all avenues and will conduct a thorough and professional investigation, police union president Percy Alston said. The union is providing Washington with legal counsel. Washington attorney, Steve Sunday, could not be reached for comment. Marlo Furniture also released a statement: Furniture deeply regrets the news of the death of Brandon Clark. Mr. Clark was a fine young man, much loved by his family and friends. Marlo expresses its sympathy to his family and friends.

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